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Labradors Galore

AKC Labrador Puppies Family Bred & Raised

Photo Gallery

Abby Milne Abby Milne Day 1 Abby at her new home She was so little..and just a few weeks ago! 41488078 Day 1 Abby at her new home Sleepy puppy on Daddy's shoulder 41488075 Ice cream face After a cool frosty paws 41589583 Growing fast! She made herself at home quickly 41488076 12 weeks...and growing Lounging on the back deck 41488077 Abby and Mommy 41589113 July 4 2009 Our little patriotic pup! 65162836 Fall 2009 Maine house Starting to look like a real dog! (about 7 1/2 mos old) 65162160 Fall 2009 65162161 Fall 2009 65162162 Just sittin' mom 65162163 Her favorite frisbee! 65162166 Xmas 2009 Not very happy about the necklace! 65162164